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Tree Surgeons Carry Out Stump Grinding in Medway and the Neighbouring Areas

Once you remove a tree from a garden or commercial landscape, you’ll be left with a stump in its place. While you might choose to leave the stump where it is, doing so can cause problems later on. Not only will it serve as a constant reminder of the tree that once stood; it can also become the perfect place for suckering or an infestation. This is where stump grinding proves the ideal solution. Using specialised machinery that mulches the stump and its roots, our tree surgeons eradicate all signs of the tree from your property.

Medway Tree Surgeons Ltd uses various stump grinders for results in Maidstone and the surrounding Kent area. No stump is either too big or too small for our tree surgeons. We also take precautionary measures to secure the area for maximum safety. Contact us to learn more.

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Our stump grinding service includes:

  • A free quotation

  • The use of a grinder appropriate to the size of the stump

  • Faster removal even on steep banks

  • Care for domestic or commercial spaces

  • Backfilling the hole with mulch and soil

  • A fast-acting solution for your environment

Skilled in domestic and commercial site clearance, we apply decades of experience to stump grinding work. This gives you the chance to make the most of the land you own, whether it’s in the name of future replanting or an upcoming build.

Stump Grinding | A Range of Benefits

Clearing the stump isn’t just about ridding your space of an unwanted feature. It’s also about making the most of your garden and reducing problems. Below, we look at the main benefits that come from stump grinding when performed by the team at Medway Tree Surgeons Ltd.

A Healthier Garden

Stumps can suffer from diseases like honey fungus, which then spread throughout the garden and kill off your treasured plants. Stumps might also harbour insects that nest within, creating a less welcoming environment. By grinding the leftover stump into mulch, you prevent disease, fungi and infestations from taking over your landscape – be it in Medway, Maidstone or the surrounding areas.

A More Attractive Space

A leftover stump can serve as an eyesore that detracts for a particular aesthetic, and it may cause your environment to look unfinished or empty. A stump may also begin to grow shoots, a process referred to as suckering, and this could make for an untidy appearance in the long run. Stump grinding eliminates these concerns and gives you the chance to add new plants or paving to suit the design of your garden.

A Safer Outdoor Space

When left in situ, a stump can serve as a very real tripping hazard. It only takes a few seconds and you or a family member could suffer from a trip or fall. As professional tree surgeons, we mulch the stump at high speeds but can use chemicals at times as a way of killing off the tree. In return, you receive a safer environment to be enjoyed without constantly needing to watch your step.

Whether you need tree felling and stump grinding, or have a problematic stump that needs removing, speak with Medway Tree Surgeons Ltd for a free quotation.

Dial 07899 995798 for stump grinding in Medway and the neighbouring areas. Our tree surgeons remove unwanted stumps quickly and at an affordable cost.
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