Cheap logs and woodchippings

To keep our overheads down we don’t have a yard or rent land. Instead all wood we generate goes to local allotment sites for recycling. If you would like to collect a car full of logs then for £10 you can come and help yourself. Just give me a call on 07899 995798. You will need a chainsaw and an axe to break the wood down into logs. We can deliver a large load of woodchippings for £15 providede we are working somewhere nearby.

We cannot say what type of wood it will be as this will depend on the job we are doing at the time. Also if you take advantage of this you will need an axe and a saw to get it to a size ready for your fire place. If you don’t have this equipment we recommend you contact Jim Lindsay (07795 278081) who will deliver you logs already cut up and dried ready to go on the fire for a very reasonable price. For many people this will be the easier option.

Wood up to 6” diameter goes through the shredder to create a mulch that is useful for flower beds, play areas, footpaths, etc., or can be mixed in with grass cuttings to create fantastic compost in a year’s time. We can deliver you a large vehicle load for £15 if you’re not too far away. This would need to be tipped off the back of a truck in a place with suitable access.