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Tree Surgery and Commercial Site Clearance in Medway | Signs You Need an Emergency Tree Surgeon

Sometimes, you need a tree surgery team sooner rather than later. Stormy weather can bring a tree down, leading to hazardous conditions for you, your neighbours, as well as the general public. It might also create a problem on the road or block access to and from your home. Emergency tree surgeons like ours will work to rectify the problem as soon as humanly possible, making the environment safe as a result. However, not everyone around Medway knows what makes an emergency.

Read on to discover the warning signs, then call for tree surgery, stump grinding and commercial site clearance work from a locally trusted team.

Unsafe Conditions

First and foremost, you should always speak with emergency tree surgeons if you suspect people in Medway may be at risk – including yourself. A fallen tree may cause branches to overhand your property, and decay can lead to falling wood. Should any of these land on a family member, it could lead to serious injury. Our team works quickly to assess risk, then enacts the best approach to restore safety standards.

Blocked Access

Skilled in commercial site clearance, stump grinding and all forms of tree surgery, we understand the importance of easy access. When a tree falls, it could cause a clear and hazardous obstruction that can’t be moved through conventional means. At this point, emergency tree surgeons will need to dismantle the tree, before taking the green waste away from the site. Delays in this process may cause disruption, so be sure to give the experts a call as soon as you see a blocked pathway.

An Immediate Threat

Emergency tree surgery serves as a way to protect those living and working around the Medway area. Not only will a dead or dying tree become an eyesore, but it could also serve as an immediate danger to health and safety. Removing the tree or its decayed limbs will bring your environment back to a safe condition, preventing major problems before they can occur.

Property Damage

A falling tree may hit the side of your house, destroy fencing or even crush your vehicle. At this point, you’ll need emergency tree surgeons to assess the damage and come up with an effective plan. Passionate about all forms of tree surgery work, from stump grinding to domestic and commercial site clearance, we act fast to rid your space of the tree – a move that may help minimise further damage.

Although we’re delighted to offer emergency tree care, Medway Tree Surgeons Ltd recommends regular maintenance to reduce the chance of accident. In fact, frequent care, along with stump grinding, dead wooding, pruning and hedge trimming will keep your environment safe and looking its best in all seasons.

Our Medway team carries out:

  • Free quotations without obligation

  • Risk assessments and method statements

  • Tree crowning, thinning and dead wooding

  • All facets relating to tree surgery

  • Commercial site clearance using heavy plant

  • A quick response from emergency tree surgeons

  • Pruning, pollarding and hedge cutting

  • Tree felling, stump grinding and more besides

For tree surgery and commercial site clearances in the Medway area from a team of emergency tree surgeons, please dial 07899 995798.
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